New Update!

Now has a full level with a boss at the end.

There's a new Reputation system, rescuing damsels, collecting items, defeating enemies, and finishing levels adds reputation, which is used to unlock customization options. Enemies can also drop items that go towards unlocking bestiary entries.

Unlockable costumes, hairstyles, and a Bestiary has been added.

More costumes, did animations, and hairstyles :P

You can now find damsels to rescue in-game.

Various menu improvements, such as the ability to quit the game (hurrah!) and remap the controls.

The escape system has been revamped, it now gets harder each time you are captured, and failing the escape minigame causes a game over. Reputation is lost on game over. 

Fixed a bug with the moving platforms.

Finally, huge shout-out to DavesDungeon from Deviantart ( ) for letting me use his "Snuggler" creature as an enemy in the game. If you encounter it, it can inflict a bound status on your character. If this happens, you can only move while jumping and cannot shoot. You must wait for the effect to expire or take damage to get rid of the snuggler.

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Mar 12, 2018

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