Survey Results!

The first community involvement survey is now done! A big thanks to everyone that participated~

Without further ado, let's look at the results:

"Pick the feature you'd MOST like to see in the 4th release:"
The overwhelming winner in this category is lite RPG elements. Color options for outfits and a third level were effectively tied for second, although it was a distant second. Male player character only got one vote out of the 71 responses, so the chances that that is implemented are quite slim.

"Pick the feature you'd LEAST like to see:"

A whopping 62 out of 71 people answered male player character for this question, so that's just more nails in the coffin. The other two choices were barely picked, with color options for outfits getting seven votes and RPG elements only getting two.

Takeaway: Keep your eye out for some unlockable character upgrades coming in the future!

"Pick the outfit you'd MOST like to see in the 4th release:", "Pick the outfit you'd LEAST like to see: "

This one was pretty close, with lingerie coming out the ultimate winner with 29 votes for and 5 votes against. Bikini and Cheongsam actually tied: Cheongsam had more votes for with 23 to Bikini's 17, but Bikini had only six votes against compared to Cheongam's 12 votes against. Winter Coat was dead in the water basically from the get-go with only two votes for and 48 votes against. 

Takeaway: Lingerie will be an unlockable outfit in the next release. (Barring development issues.) Bikini and Cheongsam are good candidates to show up in the future, while it's highly unlikely that Winter Coat will be in the game unless a future level is cold/ice themed.

"Pick the bondage position you'd MOST like to see in the 4th release:"

Suspension was the clear winner with 32 out of 71 votes. Straitjacket came in second with 21 votes, while Balltie placed third with 12 votes.

Takeaway: Suspended superspies, coming to a PC near you! No position did poorly enough to be ruled out for the future.

"Release 4 will include an entirely new setting/level. Which would you MOST like to see?", "Which level sounds the worst?"

Another close race, the winner by a VERY slim margin is The Mummy goes "MPH!", with a net vote count of 11 votes. Shibari Safari was second with 10 net votes, Beach Bound was third with -2 net votes, and Asylum Antics was last with -19 net votes. The last one surprised me a bit since Straitjacket got second in the position voting.  :P

Takeaway: Release 4 is going to include a new level, and unless there are major development issues, it's going to be mummy-themed. The third level will most likely be Shibari Safari.

The open-ended questions were pretty all over the place. If I had to pick a trend, I'd say most people want to see more bondage (surprise :P ) and easier levels in future updates.  And on that note, we have a wrap! I've got a little more news coming out later tonight or tomorrow, so see you all soon. :D

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